Indoor Air Quality Sensor

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ZMOD banner_600x315.jpg

  • Proven MOx material
  • Calibration with gas
  • Flexible architecture
  • Power consumption of <14 mW in continuous operation

The ZMOD4410 gas sensor module is a firmware configurable platform that addresses air quality requirements in a wide range of IAQ applications such as smart homes and buildings, including thermostats, air purifiers, building controls, smart fans and smart HVAC equipment.

The ZMOD4410 gas sensor offers a library of downloadable firmware to address these specific applications.


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Product features include:

  • Correlates German committee on indoor air quality guidelines (UBA study)
  • Miniature package 3 x 3 x 0.7 mm
  • Power consumption of <14 mW in continuous operation
  • Digital (I2C) output


The ZMOD4410 indoor air quality platform is an integrated digital sensor module offering:

  • Chemical and electrical calibration 
  • Recognized indoor air quality definitions from the German Environment Agency (UBA)
  • A flexible interface that enables software configurable indoor air quality sensing solutions for sensing VOCs and targeting applications in homes and offices


  • Smart thermostats