i.MX RT1020

High-performance features set in low-cost LQFP package

iMX RT1020 Chip100LQFP.jpg
iMX RT1020 Chip100LQFP.jpg

  • High-Performance, Real-Time Processing
  • Low Cost, Lowest cost i.MX of the complete portfolio
  • Rich Integration, extensive external memory interfaces
  • Easy for MCU-based developers to use

Building upon decades of leadership in providing both MCUs and applications processors, NXP has developed a new series of embedded processors that fully embodies the best of two worlds: Application processor and Microcontrollers.

The i.MX RT1020 is the latest product to launch within NXP i.MX RT Series, offering a lower price, being the lowest cost of all i.MX products; it also adds LQFP packages, enabling real 2-layer PCB designs; All while maintaining the high performance, based on Arm® Cortex®-M7 core.

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  • NXP Semiconductors MIMXRT1021, 500MHz ARM® Cortex®-M7, 144 LQFP M
  • Memory
    256 Mbit SDRAM memory
    512Mbit Hyper Flash
  • Footprint for QSPI Flash
  • TF socket for SD card


  • Audio Codec
  • 4-pole Audio Headphone Jack
  • External speaker connection
  • Microphone


  • Micro USB OTG connector
  • Ethernet (10/100T) connector
  • CAN transceivers
  • ARDUINO interface


  • 6-axis ecompass (3-axis Mag, 3-axis Accel) sensor (FXOS8700CQ)


  • JTAG connector
  • On-board DAP-Link debugger
  • 2 layer through hole PCB
  • home & building automation