Ultra Low Power, Low Cost ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU


  • 1.8mW retention power w/ all SRAM maintained
  • 60mW/MHz executing from flash
  • Up to 256KB flash and 96KB SRAM
  • Cortex M4F core with DSP and floating point acceleration

Ultra-Low Power ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU-based microcontroller for Wearable and IoT Sensors

DARWIN MCUs are built to run any application. They’re as smart as they are power efficient, combining the biggest embedded memories in their class with Maxim’s wearable-grade power technology. Start designing smarter IoT products, without running out of code space or battery. And with the most advanced cybersecurity ever, you’ll be ready for anything you encounter.

Designed for battery-powered devices and wireless sensors, MAX32660 enables complex sensor processing without compromising battery life.

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  • High-Efficiency Microcontroller for Wearable Devices
    • Internal Oscillator Operates Up to 96MHz
    • 256KB Flash Memory
    • 96KB SRAM, Optionally Preserved in Lowest Power Backup Mode
    • 16KB Instruction Cache
    • Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
    • Low 1.1V VCORE Supply Voltage
    • 3.6V GPIO Operating Range
    • Internal LDO Provides Operation from Single Supply
    • Wide Operating Temperature: -40°C to +105°C
  • Power Management Maximizes Uptime for Battery Applications
    • 85µA/MHz Active Executing from Flash
    • 2µA Full Memory Retention Power in Backup Mode at VDD = 1.8V
    • 570nA Ultra-Low Power RTC at VDD=1.8V
    • Internal 8kHz Ring Oscillator
    • Optimal Peripheral Mix Provides Platform Scalability
    • Up to 14 General-Purpose I/O Pins
    • Up to Two SPI Master/Slave
    • I2S Master/Slave
    • Up to Two UARTs
    • Up to Two I2C Master/Slave, 3.4Mbps High Speed
    • Four-Channel Standard DMA Controller
    • Three 32-Bit Timers
    • Watchdog Timer
    • CMOS-Level 32.768kHz RTC Output