A71CH Plug & Trust for IoT Security, The fast, easy way to deploy secure IoT connections


  • Secure storage of keys and credentials
  • ECC key generation & singature verification
  • Easy access to any MCU/MPU with I2C 400 kbps slave interface
  • Standard (-25 to +85°C) & extended (-40 to +90 °C) T range

A71CH is a ready-to-use secure element. It provides a root of trust at IC level and delivers chip-to-cloud security right out of the box. You can safely authenticate your device within a system and to IoT clouds and services without exposing your secret keys.

A71CH comes with a comprehensive support package including development boards, host library and application notes, easy integration with many i.MX and Kinetis platforms.




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  • Protected access to credentials
  • Encrypted/authenticated interface to host processor
  • Certificate-based TLS set-up (ECC NIST P-256)
  • TLS set-up using pre-shared secret (TLS-PSK)
  • Connectionless message authentication (HMAC)
  • Symmetric key derivation
  • Secure vault for product master secrets (key wrapping, derivation, locking)
  • Encrypted key injection
  • Optional trust provisioning by NXP and qualified partners
  • Compact HVSON8 (4 x 4 mm) package


  • protected key storage