Rapid IoT prototyping kit

From IoT idea to proof-of-concept as easy as 1-2-3


  • Comprehensive Design: Rapid IoT integrates 11 NXP devices
  • Extreme Ease of Use: Proven software enablement
  • Secure, from sensor to cloud: Flexible security options
  • Optimized for low-power and small form factor

IoT and the ability to create ‘Smart’ nodes means opportunity, but taking an IoT node idea to a Proof of Concept (POC) on time and on budget can be a challenge. After combining hardware, often from multiple vendors, the developer must ensure they work seamlessly as a “system”. This involves software: RTOS, Drivers and Middleware. Programming this ‘system’ requires an IDE and coding, often in C.

Rapid IoT is a comprehensive, secure and power-optimized IoT end node solution with a user-friendly development environment that enables to quickly and easily take an idea to a proof-of-concept.

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Comprehensive, pre-engineered IoT node

  • Kinetis® K64-120 MHz MCU based on Arm Cortex®-M4 Core for application processing
  • KW41Z Wireless MCU: BLE, Thread, Zigbee allows connection to a smart phone or gateway
  • Enhanced Security
    • A1006 Secure Authentication & anti-counterfeit IC
    • NT3H2211 NFC Forum Type 2 Tag
  • Optimized for low-power and small form factor

Extreme ease-of-use for rapid prototyping

  • Pre-installed applications:
    • Weather station incl. Air quality monitor
    • Thermostat
    • Tilt / Fall detection
    • Low-power motion detection
    • Tap converter
    • RGB LED
  • Atmosphere® web IDE with GUI based programming and automatic source code / project   generation for MCUXpresso IDE
  • MCUXpresso SDK (RTOS, drivers, middleware)
  • iOS/ Android mobile apps and IoT Cloud connect
  • Secure bootloader for convenient USB and over-the-air BLE reprogramming

 Flexible, scalable

  • Multiple sensors: 
    • Gyroscope / Accelerometer / Magnetometer
    • Barometer / Temperature / Air Quality
    • Ambient light
    • Capacitive touch
  • Easy expandability to 300+ IoT end-node use cases with Click modules
  • Compatible with NXP IoT Modular Gateway
  • home & building automation