New photodiode for precise health monitoring


  • Green sensitivity 36% higher compared to SFH 2200
  • Blue sensitivity is increased by 59%
  • Low capacitance => Fast switching time + Saving energy
  • SFH 2201 interchangeable with SFH 2200

Thanks to the emergence of fitness trackers and similar applications in recent years it is now easier than ever before to monitor your own health.


This is made possible by various sensors, such as optical sensors that measure heart rate and oxygen saturation by the amount of light absorbed by the blood pulsing at your wrist. Fitness trackers usually come with LEDs and photo diodes operating at multiple wavelengths. While green light is needed to measure the heart rate, red and infrared are used for monitoring the athlete’s blood oxygen level.

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  • With 36% higher green sensitivity compared to the SFH 2200 the new SFH 2201 sets a benchmark for all solutions currently available on the market. This high sensitivity plays a particularly important role in obtaining accurate results for vital sign monitoring, such as pulse rate, blood pressure measurement.
  • In addition, blue sensitivity is increased by 59%. This makes SFH 2201 also as ideal for industrial applications such as smoke detectors, particle counters and bank note scanners.
  • SFH 2201 is designed to have a low capacitance and fast switching time. This is the key for the application to save energy and to increase measurement accuracy by operating at higher sampling rates.
  • With dimensions of 4.0 mm x 5.1 mm x 0.85 mm, SFH 2201 has the same compact footprint as SFH 2200 so they are interchangeable.
  • Health monitoring
  • Industrial detectors & scanners
  • Control and drive circuits
  • Photo interrupters