Four-Channel, Fast, Low-Power, 5kVRMS Digital Isolators


  • Low Power Consumption
  • 25Mbps or 200Mbps
  • Robust Galvanic Isolation
  • three possible unidirectional channel configurations

One of the Industry's Fastest Low Power Digital Isolators

The MAX14434–MAX14436 are among the fastest, lowest power, 4-channel, digital galvanic isolators on the market today using Maxim’s proprietary process technology. These devices transfer digital signals between circuits with different power domains while using as little as 0.58mW per channel at 1Mbps with a 1.8V supply. The MAX14434/5/6 have an isolation rating of 5kVRMS for 60 seconds.

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  • Robust Galvanic Isolation for Fast Digital Signals
    • 200Mbps Data Rate
    • Withstands 5kVRMS for 60s (VISO)
    • Continuously Withstands 848VRMS (VIOWM)
    • Withstands ±10kV Surge between GNDA and GNDB with 1.2/50µs waveform
    • High CMTI (50kV/µs, Typical)
  • Low Power Consumption
    • 1.1mW per Channel at 1Mbps with VDD = 3.3V
    • 3.5mW per Channel at 100Mbps with VDD = 1.8V
  • Options to Support a Broad Range of Applications
    • 2 Data Rates (25Mbps, 200Mbps)
    • 3 Channel Direction Configurations
    • 2 Output Default States (High/Low)
  • Industrial Automation