LPC8N04: Smart Tagging in IoT

An entry-level MCU with integrated NFC connectivity for embedded IoT applications


  • ARM® Cortex®-M0+ at up to 30 MHz and up to 64KB flash
  • Integrated NFC connectivity
  • Scalable differentiated peripheral options
  • Flexible Package Options: TSSOP, LQFP, QFN, XSON (tiny)

NXP’s LPC800 series MCUs offer a range of low-power, space efficient, low-pin-count options for basic microcontroller applications. Unique to low-end devices, the LPC800 series include differentiated product features, such as an NFC integration, mutual capacitive touch, switch matrix for flexible configuration of each I/O pin function, and patent-approved SCTimer/PWM, giving embedded developers unprecedented design-flexibility.

LPC8N04 combines NFC and MCU technology enabling energy harvesting and wireless communication for a diverse range of tagging and provisioning applications.

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  • ARM Cortex-M0+ core running at up to 8 MHz
  • Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC)
  • ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
  • System tick timer
  • IC reset input



  • 32 KB on-chip flash
  • 8 KB SRAM
  • 4 KB on-chip EEPROM


Digital peripherals

  • Up to 12 General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins with configurable pull-up/pull-down resistors and repeater mode
  • GPIO pins which can be used as edge and level sensitive interrupt sources
  • High-current drivers/sinks (20 mA) on four GPIO pins
  • High-current drivers/sinks (20 mA) on two I2C-bus pins
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT)


Communication interfaces

  • NFC/RFID ISO 14443 type A interface
  • Serial I2C-bus supporting full I2C-bus specification and Fast-mode with a data rate of 400 kbit/s, with multiple address recognition and monitor mode
  • SPI/SSP interface


Clock generation

  • 8 MHz internal RC oscillator
  • Timer oscillator operating at 32 kHz linked to the RTC timer unit


Power control

  • Support for 1.72 V to 3.6 V external voltages
  • The LPC8N04 can also be powered from the NFC field
  • Activation via NFC
  • Integrated Power Management Unit (PMU)
  • Four reduced power modes for Arm Cortex-M0+: sleep, deep-sleep, deep power-down and battery-off
  • Power gating for each analog peripheral for ultra-low power operation
  • < 10 nA IC current consumption in Battery-off mode at 3.0 V
  • Power-On Reset (POR)


Temperature sensor with +/- 1.5°C accuracy from - 40°C to 85°C


Unique device serial number for identification

  • Led strips
  • NFC applications