Trench 9 40V – LFPAK56

Automotive Trench 9 MOSFETs designed for performance and endurance

LFPAK56 front and back .jpg
LFPAK56 front and back .jpg

  • Improved power density, same footprint, low Rdson (1.4mΩ)
  • Improved efficiency and switching performance
  • Exceptional repetitive avalanche performance, improved SOA
  • Replacement for DPAK and D2PAK, up to 81% space efficiency

Nexperia’s latest automotive Power MOSFET portfolio delivers improved performance and reliability due to our unique combination of Trench 9 superjunction technology, and LFPAK packaging capability.

• Six Standard level products from 1.4–3.5mΩ

• RDS(on) capability improved from 3mΩ to 1.4mΩ

• Enhanced ID max up to 120A

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  • Fully automotive qualified to AEC-Q101:
    • 175 °C rating suitable for thermally demanding environments
  • Trench 9 Superjunction technology:
    • Reduced cell pitch enables enhanced power density and efficiency with lower RDSon in same footprint
    • Improved SOA and avalanche capability compared to standard TrenchMOS
    • Tight VGS(th) limits enable easy paralleling of MOSFETs
  • LFPAK Gull Wing leads:
    • High Board Level Reliability absorbing mechanical stress during thermal cycling, unlike traditional QFN packages
    • Visual (AOI) soldering inspection, no need for expensive x-ray equipment
    • Easy solder wetting for good mechanical solder joint
  • LFPAK copper clip technology:
    • Improved reliability, with reduced Rth and RDSon
    • Increases maximum current capability and improved current spreading 
  • Enhanced LFPAK56E design allows up to 30% improvement in RDS(on) and power density
  • power train - automotive application
  • connected car