TB67S249 / TB67S279 / TB67S289

Toshiba Stepping Motor Driver with Active Gain Control (AGC)

Toshiba Stepper Motor Driver (Large).jpg
Toshiba Stepper Motor Driver (Large).jpg

  • Achieving anti-stall and power saving during motor drive
  • Reducing heat generation during motor drive
  • Providing space and cost saving
  • Noise reduction


The new TB67S249FTG, TB67S279FTG and TB67S289FTG stepper motor drivers feature AGC (Active Gain Control) and ACDS (Advanced Current Detect System) technology.

AGC constantly monitors motor torque and automatically optimises motor current to meet load requirements without the need for an additional microcontroller, guarding motors from stalling and possible damage while minimising power consumption and heat generation.

ACDS is a current detection method which does not require external sense resistors, reducing cost and PCB area.


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  • Built-in error detection functions like thermal shutdown, over current protection, under voltage lockout and motor load open detection
  • Built-in output function of error detection flag
  • Industrial equipment
  • Surveillance camera
  • Banking terminals (ATM, etc)
  • POS terminals
  • Chip mounters
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Office automation equipment (MFP, 3D printer, Label printer)
  • Scanners