SGas Sensor portfolio

High performance sensors for industrial leak detection and air quality applications

SGAS_Cap and Capless Pair_preview.jpeg
SGAS_Cap and Capless Pair_preview.jpeg

  • High reliability thanks to innovative materials
  • Accurate detection of gases (H, flammable gases, VOC)
  • Excellent gas sensitivity and selectivity
  • Over a decade of gas sensing experience

IDT offers innovative, high performance gas sensors ideal for industrial leak detection and air quality applications. These sensors are based upon a highly reliable ceramic substrate, coupled with advanced nanostructured materials tailored for individual applications. IDT’s gas sensors are capable of accurate detection of a range of gases, including hydrogen, flammable gases (methane, propane, natural gas) and volatile organic compounds (includes TVOC, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and more). With a track record in real world applications of over 10 years they're reliable and proven.

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  • Reliable gas detection
  • High sensitivity to a wide range of gases
  • Long lifetime: – SGAS707: 3 to 5 years – SGAS701/SGAS711: 5+ years
  • Proprietary sensing materials
  • Response time < 30 seconds
  • Over a decade of gas sensing experience
  • Reduced frequency of calibrations, maintenance and overall system cost
  • Medical equipment
  • Home automation
  • Breath analysis
  • Leak detection
  • Process control
  • Air quality