3-Channel Digital Filter for Second Order Sigma Delta Modulators


  • 3 Independently Programmable Digital Filters
  • Synchronizing sampling time
  • Offset Calibration
  • SPI-compatible Interface

A 3-channel digital filter designed specifically for Second Order Sigma Delta Modulators in voltage and current sensing. Each input channel can receive an independent Sigma-Delta (Σ-Δ) modulator bit stream. The bit streams are processed by 3 individually programmable digital decimation filters. Features of the digital filter include 4 decimation ratios for Sinc2 mode and 3 decimation ratios for Sinc3 mode, offset calibration and fast over-range detection. Synchronization of inputs from 3 channels is done internally by the filter alignment.

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  • Direct Interface between Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator and MCU/DSP
  • Fast Over-range Detection
  • Channel 1 MCLK clock detection
  • Programmable Input Configuration
  • Compact surface mount QFN-20 5mmx5mm·       
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to 125°C
  • SPI clock frequency up to 25MHz
  • Modulator clock frequency MCLK up to 25MHz
  • Electric motor phase and rail current sensing
  • DC/DC converter current sensing
  • AC-DC charger current sensing
  • Battery current sensing
  • General voltage or current sensing