Miniature , 17-25 bits Programmable Absolute Encoders


  • High Resolution NOW POSSIBLE UP TO 23/25 BIT! – Contact sales for information
  • Differential output for ABI and UVW
  • Selectable RS485 mode communication pro
  • Selectable SSI mode communication protocol

AR18 + AR35 decoder series are miniature Absolute Encoders ASIC designed to cater for the growing demand on the space constraint application.

New: High resolution is possible up to 23/25 Bit. Ask EBV ELEKTRONIK for information!

The decoders are designed for an overall diameter of 18 mm (AR35: 35 mm) and offer user-programmable resolution range from 17, 21 bit and 19 (AR35 only) Single-Turn Absolute Output  (STAO).

Both series provide the incremental ABI and UVW in differential mode and come with a recommended high temperature range of –40...+115°C suitable for most industrial applications.

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  • Miniature absolute encoder ASIC surface mount DFN package: 10.9 mm (L) x 9.1 mm (W) x 1.5 mm (H)
  • User-programmable resolution ranging from:
    • 17, 19, and 21 bit single turn (OD18)
    • 17 and 21 bit single turn (OD35)
  • User-programmable incremental output (ABI) resolution ranging from 128 to 8192 CPR
  • User-programmable commutation signal (UVW) ranging from 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 30, 32 pole pairHigh temperature range of –40°C to 115°C suitable for most of the industrial operation
  • Dual-mode operating voltage of 3.3V and 5V, enabling handheld and portable device applications
  • RoHs compliance
  • Robotic automation and engineering
  • Factory automation and drone
  • Medical and dentistry, devices and equipment
  • High-accuracy portable and handheld devices
  • Miniature motor, servo motor, linear actuator