TLP3823 / TLP3825

Mid-voltage range devices will replace mechanical relays

Toshiba_TLP3823 and TLP3825.jpg
Toshiba_TLP3823 and TLP3825.jpg

  • High operating temperature rating: Topr(max)=110°C
  • Normally opened (1-Form-A)
  • OFF-state output terminal voltage: 100 V (min)
  • Trigger LED current: 5.0 mA (max)

Toshiba's 100V TLP3823 with 3A drive current and the 200V TLP3825 with 1.5A drive current – two mid-voltage, high-current photorelays.

The new products will extend the range of high-current photorelays to replace mechanical relays, alongside Toshiba’s existing 60V, 5A TLP3547.

Toshiba is supporting and promoting the accelerated replacement of mechanical relays by applying its latest trench MOSFET structure, 8th generation UMOS, to realize output currents exceeding 1A.

Photorelays have no physical contacts that incur wear and tear, thus contributing to significantly increased reliability.

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  • High OFF-state output terminal voltage rating: VOFF = 200 V
  • Large current control: ION=1.5 A 
  • ON-state resistance (A connection): 500 mΩ (max) 


  • High OFF-state output terminal voltage rating: VOFF = 100 V
  • Large current control: ION= 3 A 
  • ON-state resistance (A connection): 150 mΩ (max) 


• 100 V/200 V products have been newly available in the DIP8 package large current photorelay lineup. 

• Small size (reduce the height by about 70 %)

  • Industrial equipment
  • General purpose inverters
  • HVAC*1
  • Thermostats
  • Building automation systems
  • Semiconductor testers (memory, SoC and LSI)
  • Various test instruments