Toshiba 40V and 60V U-MOS-IX-H


Toshiba_40V and 60V Mosfets.jpg
Toshiba_40V and 60V Mosfets.jpg

  • Low Qoss ( output charge) design
  • Excellent trade off: Rds(on) * Qoss
  • Extended Channel temperature tch = 175°C
  • Supports Logic level drive 4,5V

Toshiba Launches 40V and 60V MOSFETs Based on Latest Generation of Trench Process.

The TK3R1P04PL (40V), TK4R4P06PL (60V) and TK6R7P06PL (60V) N-channel MOSFETs are supplied in compact DPAK packaging.

The devices are ideal for high-efficiency power conversion applications including AC-DC and DC-DC converters, power supplies and motor drives.

For industrial applications DPAK SMD Package is of unchanged popularity. Toshiba decided to equip DPAK’s with Chips of the latest high speed low Voltage Trench MOSFET process UMOS IX-H. UMOS9 Item offer excellent trade off:  RDS(on)* Qoss




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  • TK3R1P04PL is a 40V MOSFET with a maximum RDS(ON) of 3.1mΩ and a maximum drain current (ID) rating of 58A (at a temperature of 25ºC).
  • TK4R4P06PL and TK6R7P06PL (60V MOSFET) have respective maximum RDS(ON) and ID ratings of 4.4mΩ and 58A and 6.7mΩ and 46A.
  • UMOS9 Item offer excellent trade off:  R ds(on) * Qoss
  • It is most applicable where combination of low Rds(on) and switching performance is needed




  • Power Supply
  • DC/DC
  • Switch regulator
  • Motor Drive