IoT Development Kit (IDK)

Configurable rapid prototyping platform for Industrial IoT, Smart Building, and mHealth


  • Portfolio of sensors, connectivity, and actuator devices
  • Individual API for every device
  • Complex C Code ecamples adapted to multiple applications
  • Integrated development enviorment

ON Semiconductor IoT Development Kit (IDK) offers a modular, easy to use, and compact platform that provides developers with access to all of the hardware and software building blocks needed to rapidly design, evaluate, and implement medical, home, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The ON Semiconductor IDK incorporates a variety of module options for sensing, wired and wireless connectivity, and actuation. The comprehensive software development framework encompasses an embedded operating system, drivers, APIs for hardware shields, a GUI, and sample applications code.

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  • Full Documentation of sytem hardware and software design
  • Cloud software
  • Ready to use for fast turnaround from concept to production
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Dispenser
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Smart Actuator
  • Smart Tissue Dispenser