Modular IoT Gateway Solution

Integrated Development Experience (IDEx) Reference Design for General Purpose IoT Systems

Modular Edge Node Hardware Block Diagram.jpg
Modular Edge Node Hardware Block Diagram.jpg

  • Low Power - the i.MX 6UL operates at ~1W typical power.
  • Robust Software Framework - Cutting 6 months off development
  • Secure, Secure boot, Trust Architecture, Tamper detection.
  • Speeds Development - Proven software for immediate reuse

NXP provides optimized Integrated Development Experience (IDEx) kits to accelerate development of gateways and end nodes for IoT, out-of-the-box. The gateway reference design offers a wide array of connectivity (up to six wireless radios) and a hardened, fully integrated software framework to support the secure delivery of IoT services to home, business or industrial end users.

The IDEx for IoT Applications (SLN-IOT-GPI) includes the NXP Modular IoT Gateway and Modular Edge Node which are tested and verified for ZigBee and Thread, as well as secure Wi-Fi and Ethernet cloud communications.

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  • Modular IoT Gateway, tested and RF certified for wireless communication protocols including Thread, ZigBee and Wi-Fi
  • NFC and BLE based device commissioning
  • Smart phone app reference design for device control via cloud
  • Cloud service reference design and cloud connectivity reference design using MQTT and CoAP
  • Modular Edge Node Platform with Thread and ZigBee support
  • wireless infrastructure