TLP3407S / TLP3409S

High Current Photorelays 60V and 100V

Toshiba_TLP3407S and TLP3409S.jpg
Toshiba_TLP3407S and TLP3409S.jpg

  • S-VSON4: height=1.75 mm (max), area=1.45 mm × 2.0 mm(typ.)
  • operation temp. from -40°C to +110°C
  • Small mounting area
  • Isolation voltage : 500 Vrms

Toshiba Electronics Europe launched two additions to their line-up of photorelays; the 60V TLP3407S and the 100V TLP3409S.

These devices are packaged in S-VSON4, the 2.00mm x 1.45mm package with the industry's smallest mounting area. The S-VSON4 package has a 22.5% smaller mounting area than the 2.45mm x 1.45mm VSON4 package.

This series also pushes operating temperature to a new high, from 85°C to 110°C. It contributes to improved design efficiency by reducing the size of the tester board, increasing the number of relay circuits, and further improving integration density.


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  • Normally opened (1-Form-A)
  • OFF-state output terminal voltage: 60 V (min) (TLP3407S) / 100 V (min) (TLP3409S)
  • ON-state current: 1.0 A (max) (TLP3407S) / 0.65 A (max) (TLP3409S)
  • ON-state resistance: 0.3 Ω (max) (TLP3407S) / 0.6 Ω (max) (TLP3409S)
  • Trigger LED current: 3.0 mA (max)
  • Isolation voltage: 500 Vrms (min)
  • Halogen-free
  • Probe cards
  • ATE (Automatic Test Equipment)
  • Measuring Instruments
  • High-speed logic IC testers
  • High-speed memory testers