SAMA5D2 System in Package

Embedded DRAM simplifies design effort and reduces board cost


  • Lower overall system cost
  • Reduce board complexity and risks
  • Life time commitment
  • Low power, high performance and security architecture

Microchip’s SAMA5D2 System in Package (SiP) family integrates DDR2 SDRAM with the SAMA5D2 MPU in a single package, eliminating the board layout and design risk of interfacing high-speed SDRAM signals and also reducing EMI concerns. Besides shrinking board dimensions, SiPs reduce the number of PCB layers significantly lowering the system cost.  In addition, Microchip’s no-EOL policy insulates customers from the risk of DRAM obsolescence and price fluctuations.


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  • Lower overall system cost:
    • The SAMA5D2 SiP reduce the board size and number of layers significantly reducing system cost. The initial design effort is reduced as well as the hidden cost of DRAM obsolence on design resources.
  • Reduce board complexity and risks:
    • The SiP DRAM integration completely eliminates DRAM signals layout challenge, greatly reduces board Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and provides a significant cost savings by allowing you to use a four-layer PCB design
  • Lifetime commitment :
    • Microchip’s no-EOL policy allows you to design in a SiP without worrying about obsolence. Microchip has established long-term supply contracts with Winbond to ensure a lifetime DDR2 SDRAM supply.
  • Low-power, high-performance and security architecture 
    • The SAMA5D2 series delivers the world’s lowest-power consumption of all MPUs in its class with values down to 300 μA in retention mode with context preserved and 15μS ultra-fast wake-up. The SAMA5D2 was designed to provide a comprehensive security environment. Its so secure that we offer PCI pre-certification (used by financial terminal applications) on select SiP device
  • There are 4 devices rated for –40˚C to +85˚C operation
    • ATSAMA5D225C-D1M-CU RTOS, bare metal 128 Mbit BGA196
    • ATSAMA5D27C-DSM-CU Linux 512 Mbit BGA289
    • ATSAMA5D27C-D1G-CU Linux 1 Gbit BGA289
    • ATSAMA5D28C-D1G-CU Linux, PCI 1 Gbit BGA289


  • Industrial applications -40°C to 85°C
  • Smart HMI, control panels.
  • IoT/ secure gateway for home or building
  • POS terminals
  • Imaging/cameras such as bar code scanner
  • White good appliances
  • Alarm system
  • Temperature control
  • Industrial UI
  • Smart labelling
  • Gateway in smartgrid, fleet tracking, tacograph