i.MX RT1050

NXP's Crossover Processor: High performance with real-time functionality


  • High Performance Real-time Processing
  • High Levels of Integration
  • Low BOM Cost
  • Easy to Use

Building upon decades of leadership in providing both MCUs and applications processors, NXP has developed a new series of embedded processors that fully embodies the best of two worlds: Application processor and Microcontrollers.

The new i.MX RT1050 crossover processors are based on Arm® Cortex®-M7, and offer twice the performance and twice the level of integration compared to other solutions. They bring applications processor-level performance into the MCU world in support of real-time, performance-intensive processing functions such as camera and display capabilities, at an affordable price

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High Performance Real Time system

  • Cortex-M7 up to 600MHz .
  • 20ns interrupt latency, a TRUE Real time processor
  • 512KB SRAM, configurable to 512KB TCM

Rich Peripheral

  • Motor Control: Flex PWM X 4, Quad Timer X 4, ENC X 4
  • 2x USB, 2x SDIO, 2x CAN, 1x ENET with 1588, 8xUART, 4x SPI, 4X I2C
  • 8/16-bit CSI interface and 8/16/24-bit LCD interface
  • Qual-SPI interface, with Bus Encryption Engine
  • Audio interface: 3x SAI/ SPDIF RX & TX/ 1x ESAI


  • TRNG & PRNG(NIST SP 800-90 Certified)
  • 128-AES cryptography
  • Bus Encryption Engine: Protect QSPI Flash Content

Ease of Use

  • FreeRTOS with SDK
  • MCUXpresso
  • Comprehensive ecosystem

Low BOM Cost

  • Competitive Price
  • Fully integrated PMIC with DC-DC
  • Low cost package, 10x10 BGA with 0.65mm Pitch
  • SDRAM interface
  • Location tracking
  • Automotive (aftermarket)
  • Wearables
  • IoT applications
  • M2M applications
  • Industrial applications