Low RDSon Electronic fuse for 3.3 and 5.0 V Applications


  • High Voltage Startup
  • Primary Side Feedback
  • CC / CV Control
  • Tight LED Constant Current Regulation

<p>The NIS5452 series is a cost-effective, resettable fuse which can greatly enhance the reliability of a hard drive or other circuit from both catastrophic and shutdown failures.</p> <p>&nbsp;It is designed to buffer the load device from excessive input voltage which can damage sensitive circuits.&nbsp;The NIS5452 series also includes an overvoltage clamp circuit that limits the output voltage during transients but does not shut the unit down, thereby allowing the load circuit to continue operation. Two thermal options are available, latching and auto&minus;retry.</p>
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<ul> <li>Integrated Power Device</li> <li>Power Device Thermally Protected</li> <li>No External Current Shunt Required</li> <li>Low RDS(on) 33 m&Omega; Typical</li> <li>Internal Charge Pump</li> <li>Internal Undervoltage Lockout Circuit</li> <li>Internal Overvoltage Clamp</li> <li>These are Pb&minus;Free Devices and are RoHS Compliant</li> </ul>
  • Mother Board
  • Hard Drives
  • Fan Drives