Multi-port GE Switch Series with Integrated PHYs and 10GE Uplinks


  • Eight 10/100/1000Base-T port with Integrated GPHYs.
  • One QSGMII port
  • Two 1000FX/2500FX (SGMII+) or 10000FX XFI/SFI ports.
  • Integr. ARM-Cortex M7 CPU for cost-effective applications.

Broadcom’s BBCM53156/53157/53158 is a family of highly integrated Gigabit Ethernet switches designed for high-end and cost-effective 1GE and above applications. The switch family supports eight 10/100/1000Base-T ports (with integrated GPHYs), one QSGMII port and additional one, or two, high-speed 2.5GE SGMII, or 10GE XFI/SFI ports.

The BCM53156/53157/53158 are optimally designed for Gigabit-Ethernet SMB, industrial and service provider applications that take advantage of high speed uplinks connectivity of 2.5GE/10GE speeds.

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  • Support for cascading mode that enables the creation of a unified, single CPU, managed 16- 26 port switch.
  • Support high-end QoS capabilities with hierarchical scheduling, eight egress buffer queues per port each with its own shaper, WRED and Tail-drop congestion avoidance, and dual-leakybucket ingress rate-limiters (also known as policers).
  • Advanced Compact Filter Processor (CFP), also known as an access-list engine that can classify L1-L4 headers.
  • Support for Virtual Switching Instances (VSI) for explicit segregation of bridging domains with advanced VLAN translation and encapsulation (for example, Mac-in-Mac).
  • Port-Extender support per 802.1BR for design of modular chassis devices or pizza box platforms with remote port extensions.
  • Advanced Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) protocol support such as 802.1AS to enable scheduled traffic transmission across an entire network domain.
  • Power-saving green technology per IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet.
  • Can be delivered with unmanaged software, Web-Managed software or two different Managed SDK software (RoboSwitch SDK and Network Switch SDK).
  • Supports both commercial and industrial temperature grades.
  • Unmanaged and Web-Managed SMB switches
  • Industrial (Automation, Robotics, Transportation, etc)
  • Enterprise Port Extender and security appliances
  • Home-Gateways and MDUs